Fastest growing logistics company to put driver health and wellness in the driver’s seat

It is more critical than ever to retain professional drivers due to today’s ever-increasing driver shortage crisis. Rick Taweel, the CEO of Espyr reiterates that our approach to the trucking industry transcends improving drivers’ health. The goal is to help drivers maintain their livelihood, and Fit to Pass is doing just that while enabling carriers to keep their known, skilled drivers on the road. Additionally, JLE Industries combines Fit to Pass with Espyr’s TalkNow® to provide mental health support to their employees right when help is needed. Our mission is to save the industry’s skilled drivers and care for all employees’ safety and wellbeing through our unique approach.

JLE Industries and Espyr share the same goal: to enable their team members to reach their fullest potential, especially their professional drivers on the front lines. “Our culture is based on a genuine commitment to bringing the very best out of our team members. We lead the industry in compensation, benefits, and state-of-the-art equipment and as an innovator that uses technology to create a more holistic work-life experience – individually and at scale. We always are looking for ways to enhance our professional driver’s experience with novel solutions and wellness programs. Fit to Pass is an effective program that fits squarely within that strategy, and will help set the bar even higher in our quest to attract the nation’s very best commercial vehicle operators,” says Raymond Gamrat, Executive Vice President for JLE Industries. “Espyr and Fit to Pass allow us to address mental and physical health, supporting our commitment to driver success and tenure.”

About JLE Industries

JLE Industries is one of the fastest-growing logistics companies in North America. Specializing in Flatbed freight solutions, we represent a unique, technology-enabled investment story that also comes with the benefit of American industrial durability.

Guiding us forward is our vision to establish a dominant and defensible competitive position in North America’s expanding $70 billion Flatbed freight market. In addition, our value-creation strategy is to attract and engage the trade-professional Flatbed driver.

Our core tactic is JLE Industries’ secure operating system: DriverOS™. Through cutting-edge data science applications and intelligent automation, DriverOS™ automates the processes of freight acquisition and load planning while organizing and guiding our team members through the many critical-path workflow activities that exist in asset-based truckload operations. Additionally, with a genuine commitment to driver success and tenure, we manage our dispatch operations by exception and decentralize the value decisions of what freight our professional drivers participate in. This alchemy of People, Processes, and Technology is intended to remove friction across the organization and minimize turnover’s disproportionate impact on individuals and companies alike.

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