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Avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars in driver replacement costs each year. The number one goal of Fit to Pass® is not only to ensure that companies keep drivers on the road, but to guarantee that the drivers remain healthy while doing so. Trucking companies can utilize our year-round DOT recertification coaching program to help improve the health of their professional drivers. Heavy investment is made by companies into their drivers, and if they aren’t out driving, you could be losing money. See how Fit to Pass® can help your company get — and keep — drivers on the road while saving you money.

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The Fit to Pass Difference

Replacing just one driver costs an average of $8,243* – and that doesn’t include the loss of skill and experience. On average, 50% of drivers are on a short-term card (one year or less),** and of those, about half will fail their next exam without coaching help. Depending on the size of your company, you could be looking at tens of thousands in replacement costs.

of Drivers
Estimated Savings Range
(After Cost of Fit to Pass)
50$13,486 – $21,729
200$53,944 – $86,916
500$134,860 – $217,290

* The Costs of Truckload Driver Turnover, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute.

** National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners

The Fit to Pass difference is going the extra mile to help trucking companies retain drivers and increase overall productivity. Our DOT recertification program was created BY drivers FOR drivers, so we understand exactly what drivers face in recertifying and living the driver lifestyle.

To pass the DOT certification exam, your drivers must meet physical requirements, pass a drug test, and demonstrate proficient skills and knowledge in commercial truck driving. Most truck drivers must also pass the DOT hazmat certification to transport dangerous materials.

We make the entire process easier for your company as well as your drivers with options that set Fit to Pass apart from the rest.

Phone Coaching

Your drivers can speak with a Fit to Pass coach one-on-one whenever they need. Our coaches understand the lifestyle challenges of being a professional driver, so our assessments and check-ins are personalized to your drivers accordingly.

Customized content

Every driving company is different, so we take that into account when talking with your drivers. We provide helpful information that is specific to each person, including nutritional guidelines, menu ideas, and fitness tips to keep drivers in top driving form.

An Awesome App

Your drivers can increase their overall productivity by using the Fit to Pass app. We’ve created a full library of additional health-related content that you and your drivers can access anytime, anywhere. Drivers can also connect with us on Facebook or check out our blog for more content.

Getting Started

Getting started down the road to better health is easy and 100% confidential.

Once your company has signed up, a Fit to Pass representative will contact you with further information and send a short health questionnaire for your drivers, including asking the date for the next DOT recertification exam. For multiple drivers, all your drivers will be auto-enrolled in the program; and, as soon as each questionnaire is returned, a coach will reach out to them to develop a customized plan.

Why Leaders and Drivers Love Fit to Pass

When you enroll your company’s drivers in the Fit to Pass program, they are going to pass their DOT certification exam and get healthier while doing it. See why other companies and drivers love what we do, and why Fit to Pass is right for your trucking company.


"By helping our drivers make better food and exercise choices, Fit to Pass has changed lives."

- Ellen V., CEO of Women in Trucking


"I have been trying to get a handle on my weight problem and Fit to Pass inspired me to go for it! I’ve been using my oach’s tips and suggestions and look forward to our one-on-one weekly sessions. I’m down over 20 pounds already."

- Tina C.


"I’m a huge fan of Bob Perry and this program."

- Al S., Greyhound Corporate Director of Safety and Security


"Very laid-back training but very concise as well. They offer small classes and hands-on training. I’ve been driving for nearly 10 years since I worked with Fit to Pass. I highly recommend them."

- Barry

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Women In Trucking are getting fit, too.

The mission of the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry. They also happen to see the value in Fit to Pass and driver health, becoming a valuable partner in our cause. And we appreciate it. For more information on WIT, click here.

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