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Espyr delivers game-changing solutions for the trucking industry to transform how you recruit, retain, and care for your drivers.

Solve the Driver Shortage Crisis

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Invest in your driver’s health so you don’t lose your investment.

Every driver is different, which means one driver might need help with losing weight, another driver might need help with their blood pressure, or a driver is a phone call away from quitting because of driving stressors. Whatever your driver might be physically or mentally facing, we have driver-centric health and wellness solutions to guide and engage your drivers for real outcomes. Our driver health and wellness solutions are tailored to your organizational and driver needs so you can keep the drivers you know today before hiring the next unknown driver tomorrow. 

What Carriers and Drivers are Saying About us

“I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was shocked. I thought I was doing everything right. With the help of Fit to Pass, I returned to the clinic after a few months and received a one-year certification. During this exam, my blood-sugar level was a third of the original reading, and my A1C score came down, too.”

Robert Palm, Founder of Trucker’s FInal Mile & OO to Roadrunner Freight

“I am a 16-year OTR driver, and I just passed my DOT physical on 10/08/20 for two years after receiving a one-year card in 2019 due to a high blood pressure reading. All thanks to Fit to Pass! Now I’m able to keep America moving.”

Andrea Lewis, J.B. Hunt

“I’ve been doing great since I started with Fit to Pass. I’ve have gone from a size 16 to a size 14. I’m also going to start a high fiber diet to help lower cholesterol and lose weight. Thank you so very much for your help, Fit to Pass team!”

Candy Bass, Women in Trucking

“We understand that drivers aren’t happy with how they are treated. At Gulf Relay, we are committed to changing that. Adding innovative programs to enhance the driver experience is the most recent example of that. With Fit to Pass, we are making driver’s health and well-being a priority.”

William Everett Safety Director


Your current drivers might be on the verge of being medically disqualified. 45%-55% of drivers carry 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, or one-year cards and are at risk of not passing their next exam. To keep them healthy and on the road so your organization experiences minimal business disruption and less recruiting costs, offer solutions so they are FIT TO PASS every single time.


Do you know how many drivers are being medically disqualified each month? These numbers are huge and could make an impact on your recruitment. And good news, a skilled, disqualified driver can be REBUILT by spending a fraction of the cost (average savings of 65%) compared to recruiting a new driver. Start rehiring your known driver so you don’t spend thousands hiring a new, unknown driver.


You’ve spent precious hours and money to recruit a new driver. Finally, they pass all the qualifications and you’ve met your recruitment goals. The drivers are almost on their way, but they need to take one more final test, the agility test. So what happens if they fail? You’ll be able to give a SECOND CHANCE. New drivers will receive the proper coaching and tips they need to pass the agility test to keep them on track.

Women In Trucking are Passionate About their Driver's Wellbeing

The mission of the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry. They also happen to see the value in Fit to Pass and driver health, becoming a valuable partner in our cause. And we appreciate it. For more information on WIT, click here.

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